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€113.00 €90.00 You Save: 20.35%

SOLARIUM KIT Protection Viso-Corpo SPF 50 + 30 +15
SOLARIUM KIT Protection Viso-Corpo SPF 50 + 30 +15
€90.00 €76.50 You Save: 15.00%

Active Clock Kit Viso Professional Ampolla (24) & Crema Max
Active Clock Kit Viso Professional Ampolla (24) & Crema Max
€288.01 €201.60 You Save: 30.00%

AQUA FACTOR Kit Professionale Idratazione
AQUA FACTOR Kit Professionale Idratazione
€305.00 €227.99 You Save: 25.25%

Shipping information

Beauty Eshop Shipping informationShipping information

If you have problems to find, you'll want to give an address where there is always someone to pick up the merchandise. Ex: work, friends or relatives, concierge, etc..
Delivery times depend on the chosen instead, and range from 2 to 5 working days. For products available the shipment takes place on the same day if the order is completed by 11.30 in the morning, or the following day.

Shipping costs are customer's responsibility (except specials) and goods travel at the risk of the recipient.
We will send you the tracking number by e-mail, so that you can follow your shipment


Delivery depends from the country where the order was placed, from the timing and from effects of delays for customs inspections. In this regard we suggest you to inquire about the customs office competent for the own nation.

Shipping costs

Rates depend on the country and locality. Communications and promotions may change over time.
Shipping costs can be viewed at the time of check-out order, before confirming purchase.

Express delivery by appointment

In some countries you can choose the service by appointment.
There are 2 bands request, morning and afternoon 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.and  2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
The courier guarantees delivery in the bands indicated.

Estimated Delivery
2-5 working days.
Any delays may depend on several factors such as:
- Logistic situations;
- Customs control.

Delivery methods
The goods ordered will be delivered by express courier of nation to which they belong.
The average delivery times are based on location and availability of products
In the case of delays for exceptional reasons, we will promptly notify you by e-mail or telephone.
The delivery of goods is carried out to the road surface.
We suggest that you indicate the delivery address as the place where it will be easier to find you, you can leave in addition,  if it is necessary, the friend's address or family's address or the work's address with your name, company, firm or office.

Any extra costs:
• Contributions transport costs for goods excessively bulky and / or heavy are explicitly highlighted at the time of the order.
• Costs of storage and transportation incurred in the case that goods are not collected.

There are not dispatches in the following cases:
• Totaling less than 15 euro.
• Payment not completed
• Requests to stop shipments warehouse
• Requests for shipments to addresses other than those disclosed at time of order or communicated by PayPal.