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FRUTTI DI BOSCO Max Dermo shooting face cream 3x150 ML
FRUTTI DI BOSCO Max Dermo shooting face cream  3x150 ML
€274.50 €178.43 You Save: 35.00%

OLOS GLYCO & ACIDS INTENSE Regenerating Cosmetic Facial Peeling
OLOS GLYCO & ACIDS INTENSE Regenerating Cosmetic Facial Peeling
€176.00 €133.00 You Save: 24.43%

KIT PIEDI SECCHI - Idratante Nutriente Decongestionante
KIT PIEDI SECCHI - Idratante Nutriente Decongestionante
€33.00 €30.00 You Save: 9.09%

€15.99 €5.90 You Save: 63.12%

Serums Body feed

Serum Cosmetics Body. An innovative formulation that uses a high concentration of active ingredients to treat cellulite. This product hydrates, streamlines, nourishes, regenerates and penetrates directly into the deeper.

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CELL CONTROL Ultra Concentrate Anti-Cellulite


10 Monodose

To fight the imperfections related to cellulite and to redefine silohuette Extra innovative formula that acts specifically on cellulite....

BODY FIT Siero Concentrato Tonificante 10x15ml

€88.00 €66.00 You Save: 25.00%

10 Monodose

Un siero concentrato dalla texture perfettamente scorrevole, arricchito con un Complesso Peptidico dalla specifica azione rassodante e tonificante, ideato pe...

Body Fit Siero Concentrato Cellulite*3 Monodose 10 x 15 ml

€82.00 €62.00 You Save: 24.39%

10 Monodose

Un siero concentrato che permette una perfetta scorrevolezza sulla pelle, ideato per il trattamento degli inestetismi di tutti i tipi di cellulite. Formulaz...

BODY FIT Capsule Anticellulite Attive Strategia Fitness 14x4ml


14 Monodose

Un prodotto fitness innovativo che combatte gli inestetismi della cellulite. Capsule in gelatina rossa monodose realizzate grazie a tecnologie cosmetiche avan...

Shape&Chic Siero Micro Emulsione Snellente Rimodellante 10 Monodose

€100.00 €62.00 You Save: 38.00%

10 Monodose

INDICATED to counteract the localized fat buildups and for improving tone and firmness of the skin....

Shape&Chic Contouring Concentrate Action Impact Roll-On


75 ml

COSMETIC INDICATED to reshape and slim the silhouette is heavy with localized fat and cellulite compact areas of greater accumulation as buttocks, stomach, h...

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