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IDEA REGALO Bellezza Mani-Piedi
IDEA REGALO Bellezza Mani-Piedi
€51.00 €38.25 You Save: 25.00%

SPECIFIC Scrub Regenerating
SPECIFIC Scrub Regenerating
€60.00 €45.00 You Save: 25.00%

€5.90 €3.62 You Save: 38.71%

Fill Evolution Applicator Precision Eye-Lips
Fill Evolution Applicator Precision Eye-Lips
€45.01 €40.01 You Save: 11.11%

Olos Thalasso feed

Olos THALASSO. Cosmetics with marine active ingredients in their purest form, to facilitate regeneration, hydration and oxygenation of the deep face and body. Water and seaweed high concentrations of minerals, vitamins and trace elements are a source of wellness.

OLOS Vitaminplus Pro-Age Face & Body


1 Kit

Una sferzata di energia ricostituente per Viso e Corpo. Un potente concentrato miscelabile di Vitamine in polvere che dona alla pelle benessere, luminosità,...

Last Updated: Tuesday, 11 December 2018 16:55

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