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BODY FIT Capsule Anticellulite Attive Strategia Fitness 14x4ml
BODY FIT Capsule Anticellulite Attive Strategia Fitness 14x4ml

Aqua Factor Natale Kit
Aqua Factor Natale Kit
€96.00 €60.00 You Save: 37.50%

AGE EVOLUTION RADIANCE Cream Anti-Spots Perfect Skin Long Term 12h
AGE EVOLUTION RADIANCE Cream Anti-Spots Perfect Skin Long Term 12h

SPECIFIC Scrub Regenerating
SPECIFIC Scrub Regenerating
€60.00 €45.00 You Save: 25.00%

Jeunesse feed

A preventive anti-aging line which helps to preserve and prolong the youthful skin. For all women and men who want to fight the effects of time. It hydrates and nourishes, and the skin is better oxygenated: beauty and youth are preserved.

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JEUNESSE Grain De Jeunesse


50 ml

COSMETIC PARABENS SHOWN: for all skin types. The exfoliating microbeads work in harmony with papain to remove dead cells and impurities. Double exfoliating ac...

REPONSE JEUNESSE Serum Hydratation Optimale


30 ml

COSMETIC INDICATED to improve the skin's water reserves. This formula fresh, especially the texture smooth and moisturizing, allows the skin to maintain an op...

JEUNESSE Lotion Essentielle


200 ml

Cosmetics to end the step of cleaning and moisturizing the skin....

JEUNESSE Creme Fondamentale Embellissante


50 ml

COSMETIC PARABENS SHOWN: to oxygenate and revitalize, repair and stimulate tired skin and devitalized. It is a valuable source of vitality for all skin types ...

JEUNESSE Lait Demaquillant Essentiel


200 ml

INDICATED Cosmetic that gently removes makeup and impurities. The presence of an extract of precious Orchid Purple, orange flower water and rose oil grapes ma...

JEUNESSE Concentre Essentiel Nuit


30 ml

JEUNESSE Concentre Essentiel Nuit. Cosmetic advanced night after night acts in synergy with the natural processes of recovery night, for skin refreshed and ra...

JEUNESSE Creme Climatis


50 ml

INDICATED for all skin types, restores the protective layer of skin and builds a barrier against adverse environmental conditions (cold, drought, wind). A dai...

JEUNESSE Avantage Peaux Mixtes


50 ml

JEUNESSE Avantage Peaux Mixtes. Cosmetics that helps fight the main phenomena responsible for the aging process thanks to the unique combination of two exclus...

JEUNESSE Mousse Nettoyante Essentielle


150 ml

JEUNESSE Mousse Nettoyante Essentielle. Cosmetic effectively removes make-up and cleanse gently....

JEUNESSE Avantage Peaux Seches


50 ml

Cosmetic indicated as a daily treatment to help fight the main phenomena responsible for the process of skin aging thanks to the unique combination of 2 excl...

JEUNESSE Masque Hydratant


50 ml

JEUNESSE Masque Hydratant. hdration cosmetic, the masque rehydrates instantly the surface layers of the skin, this cosmetic filled with signs of dehydration....

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