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OLOS GLYCO & ACIDS INTENSE Regenerating Cosmetic Facial Peeling
OLOS GLYCO & ACIDS INTENSE Regenerating Cosmetic Facial Peeling
€176.00 €133.00 You Save: 24.43%

A4 Care Glycolic Acid GLYCO PROGRAM
A4 Care Glycolic Acid GLYCO PROGRAM
€165.01 €123.75 You Save: 25.00%

B2 Care Glycolic Acid GLYCO PROGRAM Cleansing
B2 Care Glycolic Acid GLYCO PROGRAM Cleansing
€60.00 €51.00 You Save: 15.00%

SPECIFIC Scrub Regenerating
SPECIFIC Scrub Regenerating
€60.00 €45.00 You Save: 25.00%

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A range of treatments specifically designed for body with a three-fold objective: beauty, slimming and toning. For all women and men who want to take care of body with high-performance products, with delicate fragrance and pleasant texture.

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CORPS Gel Exfoliant Satin

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200 ml

GEL FOR BODY SCRUB: Cosmetic indicated to gently remove dead skin cells to help your skin to breathe better. Smooth the skin giving it a velvety appearance....

CORPS Gel Jambes Toniques


125 ml

REFRESHING GEL AND TONER: Cosmetic refreshing and invigorating, helps to activate the microcirculation....

Reponse Corps Beautè Soin Jeunesse Pour le Mains FPS 10


50 ml

COSMETIC INDICATED Hand dehydrated, dry and undernourished. Thanks to the protective factor FPS 10 counteracts the action of aging and dark spots while protec...

TEMPS Le Corps


200 ml

COSMETIC INDICATED treatment for firming the fragile skin by the passage of time. A rich, nourishing cream specially formulated for the skin of the body. The ...

REPONSE CORPS Push Up Bust Creme Buste Volumatrice


125 ml

COSMETIC INDICATED To make the sublime dècolletè thanks to the effect of tensor, toning and bulking....

CORPS Sos Nutri+


200 ml

CORPS SOS Nutri + Cosmetic suitable for skins that suffer of intense dry skin. Combining natural ingredients and technologically advanced, SOS Nutri + is the ...

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